Fated and Forbidden box set


                   *Disclaimer: I was sent these ebooks by the authors to read and review*

These books were all about the supernatural, so if you like dragons, vampires, and magic, these are for you! They were pretty good, I really enjoyed them, I gave them a 4 out of 5 stars. They were all fairly short and easy to read, it was a little confusing though because it seemed like a series at first but its not. They are all the first book of series by the authors.

My favorite one was the first one to be honest, and the rest were okay. The stories were an equal amount of funny, romance, and serious. I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys the Cassandra Claire books.

Here is where you can purchase them:


Every book is by a different author so I won’t have a page for them here.

Much lovee,