Forever with You by Robin Jones Gunn


                    If you have never read the Christy Miller series by Robin Gunn, I would recommend reading them first before this book.

I love Robin Gunn’s writing, especially this series! Its hard for me to get into Christian fiction books but this series I fell in love with. When she came out with the married years books I got so excited because I am now married. Todd and Christy are the couple in this book and the struggles they go through are very real and I can say I have experienced some of those struggles in marriage.

The way she captures the struggles and joys of being a Christian in this world are wonderful! The books are well written and make you want to keep reading, I couldn’t put it down! There are so many things in these books that make me think about my own relationship with God and open my eyes to things I wouldn’t have thought about otherwise.

Christy Miller and Todd Spencer get married and are suddenly faced with a whole bunch of unexpected changes and shortcomings. They go through some thick things together, all the while, trying to trust God. I love how their relationship is so open and honest through all the hard stuff and they aren’t afraid to show their thoughts and emotions. I sometimes still find it hard to show my thoughts and emotions to my husband, reading this really made me feel better about opening up to him and showing him these things.

If youre looking for a good, Christian fiction to read these are the books for you, I cannot say enough about how good they are!

Much love,