Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K Rowling


             Ta-da! I finally finished it! I actually forgot about it for a bit because I’ve been receiving so many books to read! This is my favorite book in the whole series so of course I gave it a 5 out of 5 stars.

I thought it was so cool that J.K. Rowling included other wizarding schools, it was really awesome to read about different types of magic and beliefs about it. I think this book is also a turning point for the whole series. Up to this point, things have been a little light but, everything after this gets worse and worse. Its at this point where things become much more serious. Its almost hard to go on to the fifth book because you know what happens.

Something else that sticks out to me is that you being to see how Hermione and Ron feel about each other though, they don’t say anything about it. Its also when you see more of Harry’s crush on Cho. I think its really funny when Mrs. Weasly thinks that Harry and Hermione are together and she doesn’t really care for her until Harry assures her that they aren’t dating.

I love the tasks that all the champions have to go through, the only one that really is scary is the maze. I would get freaked out about that one too. I think that the beginning where everyone goes to the Quidditch world cup game is really cool.

Did you have a favorite part of this book?

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