Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkabanby J.K. Rowling


                    This is one of my favorites in the series, I personally love the relationship that Sirius and Harry develop. Its so special because Harry, I think doesn’t feel so alone anymore, which is so good. I gave this one a 5 out of5 stars, I think I probably give the whole series a 5 out of 5.

          I really liked Lupin as well, he seems like a teacher that I would really enjoy, I think I have had a few teachers like him personality wise. I think it would have been interesting had he been allowed to stay a teacher at Hogwarts. I wonder if maybe he would have been able to help more if he had.

      I think you can see Ron and Hermione’s relationship start growing in this book, they always irritate each other, and usually when two people irritate one another often it means they care deeply for one another. Its just hilarious that they didn’t recognize it right away.

         I like “Buckbeak” I think they made him look beautiful in the movie, but I think I agree with Harry, i would probably prefer riding on a broomstick. it seems like it would be difficult to hold on to the feathers.

          If you enjoyed the first two books, you’ll definitely be drawn in even more by this one! I can’t wait to read my son this series once he is big enough! J.K. Rowling certainly has a way of making things seem relatable in a mythical world!

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