Heart and Brain: Body Language by Nick Seluk


  I recently took part of a Shelf Awareness giveaway and I won the book “Heart and Brain: Body language” by Nick Seluk. I am so happy to have won, I always see these strips on the internet and its awesome to finally have a book of them!

If you like cranky, and sarcastic strips then this book is great for you, it also is totally how adults in their 20’s-30’s feel on many topics! I enjoyed reading this book and the calendar that came with it is hilarious! It definitely is nice to read on days where Im feeling defeated or when my anxiety is a little higher than usual.

I would recommend taking a look at this book, it is delightful! As a mommy and a wife, I need some time alone and this book definitely adds to my pampering time! Now, if you like books like this I would definitely say sign up for the shelf awareness emails because they have so much content. They have giveaways, contests, interesting and informative articles and job listings. I quite enjoy reading my weekly email from them.

Much love,