The Christmas Angel Project by Melody Carlson


And to make these angels so that we’d remember her. And calling us her angels… doesn’t it seem strangely coincidental? Like she had some kind of premonition?”

Abby Wentworth is the glue that holds her book club together. So when she unexpectedly passes away on the cusp of the Christmas season, the rest of the women in the group are stunned, saddened, and sure that, without her, the group can’t continue. They gather “one last time” to open gifts Abby left behind, little knowing how it will change each of their lives-forever.

“The Christmas Angel Project” is a cute story about women in a book club, they are all a little older except for Cassidy. I found this book an easy read and not too long, and really enjoyable. I like that the characters are so relatable, a few of them reminded me of some ladies in my church back home.

I like that the main character that kept the group together, and was inspiring to them even when she was gone. I think that it really shows how being a faithful follower of the Lord pays off. I mean if your faith is strong, it can truly bear fruit in the lives of everyone around you as well as your own.

I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars, I would recommend it to someone looking for a good book present for someone. It definitely makes a great “Christmas” present. I wasn’t expecting the women to each go into their own project and keeping the group together, part of me expected the group to break up and find themselves together again. The group stayed together though and I thought that was a good way to go.

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*Disclaimer: I received this book from Revell publishers via Baker Books to read and review*

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