Breakfast Favorites


If you’re anything like me, breakfast is important and you look forward to it, and honestly, breakfast should be served all day long everywhere!

I am trying to lose the baby weight from just having my daughter and so I am trying to cook more than eating out. For me, fruit is always good for breakfast and I read an article that suggests having some sort of berry everyday to lose weight and be healthy. I usually choose blueberries because of their antioxidants and because they are light.

Coffee is of course a must, and I hate to admit that I drink it much more often because having two under two is hard work! As for the english muffin here is my favorite way of eating it.


English muffin:

It doesn’t matter what kind of English muffin you get, and I put butter on both sides and stick them in the oven until they are crispy.

I put spinach and smoked Gouda on it, and egg whites.


Egg white:

Egg white


Fresh basil

Olive oil

salt and pepper

For the egg white, I mix basil, egg whites, and milk together. I put the olive oil in a pan and then pour the eggs into it. I cook until there is no more olive oil and then I put them on my sandwich or plate with salt and pepper on top. If you put the salt and pepper in the mixture it can make the egg whites rubbery.


Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Much love,