Starbucks cold brew Vanilla Sweet Cream Review


I am a coffee addict, there, I said it! When I saw that Starbucks had a new cold brew drink, I was super excited to try it!

You can find me drinking any number of coffees during the week, and I do enjoy a hot beverage on a hot day, but living in Florida does make you lean toward cooler drinks. Today, I decided to try the vanilla sweet cream drink.

I was not disappointed! It was so good! If you don’t like strong coffee or a strong coffee taste this is not for you! For me it was just the right amount of sweet but I could still taste the coffee! I love when I can strongly taste the coffee! This drink made me so happy!

The next time you think about getting a cold coffee, this is one you should try. If you’re someone who enjoys really sweet coffee or coffees that don’t taste like coffee, I would stay away from this one. if your like me and the stronger the better, definitely give this one a try!

Much love,