Cutting Sweet Temptation


                         Being pregnant and eating healthy is not easy, I was ten times healthier before I was pregnant. During my pregnancy I ate a bunch of fast food, drank soda, ate a bunch of sweets, and didn’t exercise. If you know me, you know that I do not like sweets, and I don’t put sugar in my drinks. I have managed to finally drop soda and eating fast food, Im not allowed to exercise like I used to until I get cleared by my doctor on Thursday. It has not been easy but I am finally getting back to my lifestyle before I was pregnant.

Its so interesting to me that society wants mothers to bounce back into perfect shape right after they give birth. The reality is, that is not possible! It took nine months to put the weight on and develop those habits its going to take time to drop. How can people expect moms who are postpartum to get back into shape so quickly when fast food is the easiest thing to do with a newborn? Let me say this, do not let anyone make you feel bad about not dropping the weight fast, and don’t beat yourself up.

I’ve found that motivation is super important when it comes to getting back into shape. My motivation has been my pre-pregnancy clothes, I try on my pants once a week, and if they don’t fit I know I need to keep working. Keeping the motivation in front of you is super important, you can’t lose sight of it. Another way I stay motivated is my little man, I go on walks with him almost everyday! I carry him in a wearable carrier, and it works my body out more while I walk and puts him to sleep. Its a win-win situation, Levi gets a good nap and I get a good work out.

I think that its easy, even though I am doing so well in getting back to my healthy lifestyle, to be drawn in by the pinterest mom. The mom who is in shape only weeks after giving birth, and eating well again. The mom that dresses well everyday and whose baby sleeps through the night. I have to continually remind myself that in reality thats not the case. I think many moms might struggle with this, the best way to stay positive is to remember that you don’t have to be like those moms. As long as you’re taking care of yourself, your baby and man, you’re good.

My goal is to run every morning, after my doctor gives the go ahead and to not eat so much bread. That is a goal though, I don’t expect to be at where I was previously right away. I will keep you guys updated on my progress and if you’re a new mom I would love to hear all about your progress!

Much love,