Madison Renee Chadwick


Everyone meet our new baby girl, Madison Renee!


She was born October 21, 2017 at 6:28 a.m., I wanted to give you guys her birth story because you know Levi’s and hers is just as special. First you need some back story, this girl was so impatient. She tried to come early at 25, and 27 weeks. At 33 weeks I stayed in the hospital for two days because of severe preterm labor. I was given two shots for her lungs in case she came early and several others to stop the contractions.

I was also put on a medication called “pericardia” which was to help with my blood pressure and contractions. It wouldn’t have been such a big deal except for the fact that it did not stop my contractions. At 35 weeks it got worse, I got a UTI, and the news that I had the strep B bacteria. That meant I had to get to the hospital in time to get two rounds at least of antibiotics so my baby wouldn’t be affected by the bacteria.

The 38th week of my pregnancy (9 months, 2 weeks from my due date of the 29th); I had contractions that were irregular the whole week and then that Thursday we went into labor and delivery for strong and painful contractions. I didn’t dilate anymore so I was sent home, I slept that whole day and then the next day my contractions got a little less painful but were still consistent. By Friday night, when I picked my husband up from work at 11 Pm, I was in so much pain I felt like crying.

Poor Matt was then forced to get a wheel chair for me and push Levi in his stroller at the same time. Luckily when we got in and checked I was 5 cm, and they admitted me. My husbands cousins picked up Levi, and I got all my paperwork done. let me tell you, being in so much pain, having to do five billion signatures was not in my plan. After the epidural and antibiotics were put in, I was checked again and was at 7cm.

Matt and I both slept and around 5 a.m. I felt my water break, the nurses came in got me set up and said when I started to feel pressure to let them know, I was 9cm. The pressure was so bad I was trying to keep myself from pushing before the doctor got there. I called the nurses and did some practice pushes until her head was right at the end. The doctor came in and in three pushes Madison was here! She was so ready to come that she pushed herself the last time.

I had no pain at all, even after the epidural wore off, I felt great! It was so strange because after I had my son I was in so much pain! With Levi I even felt his head and the placenta and it was burning and awful but with Madison I didn’t feel anything! She weighed 6 lbs 11 oz, only about 4 oz more than Levi, and she was measured as 19 1/2 inches long which was a bit shorter than Levi.

Recovery has been great and the hospital stay was enjoyable but now we are home and having to figure out how to work around two babies. My struggle is making sure Levi feels loved and wanted and being able to take care of Madison at the same time. Being a mommy is one of the most rewarding things in my life, other than being a wife, and a lover of Jesus. I want to be good at being a mom and making sure my kids feel loved and wanted at all times.

Much love,