Target Haul


            Any other mommas out there in love with Target????

I don’t know if this happens to you but everytime I go Target I come out with more than I went in for. First I stop for coffee and then I’m drawn tot he $1 section. Target is just a wonderful, happy place! I went there on black Friday for a few things!

One of the things I got was a small pack of 5 pens, which are in the picture above. I thought they were super cute, and perfect for my new work space and holiday season! They write amazingly, and were $3.


         I got this awesome holiday candle for $5, the smell reminds me of the one from walmart that is Pumpkin and Apple scented!


            Im a mommy so of course I had to get some essentials for my little man! His favorite flavor of anything, ever is apple and pumpkin. I got him that flavor in the teething crackers and baby food. He loves the apple cinnamon puffs more than any other flavor!


Finally, I got some new Cat and Jack clothing for Levi! The bibs are so cute! They look like little bandanas and they make Levi even more adorable! The pants are little gray joggers with black, white and gray trees, tents and paths on them! I got the bibs for $3 and the pants for $4.

Whats your favorite part of Target?

Much love,