When you Feel Drained


When your heart is a mess and has found its way astray, send it home, send it to Christ. Let it live with Him, and know that no matter how far we have wandered; He is always with us guiding us back to where we are supposed to be, which is in His everlasting arms.” -T.B LaBerge

              Since having Levi, Ive been in a season of dryness, a season of feeling tired and drained. Recently Ive started to be able to get back into doing things I enjoy and being around other people. I started helping in worship at a church again and writing, playing guitar, painting and exercising!

                 My relationship with God has started to get back on track too, I became distant from Him when we brought Levi home. i got caught up with taking care of him and being a mom and a wife. I let everything about myself and my relationship with God fall to the wayside. When we moved and Levi grew and I didn’t have to watch him as closely or as much, I began to realize I felt off. I felt emptier than I had in a long time. I made the decision to go back to church and helping with worship, and taking my little one was just a plus.

        Once I began doing my devotions, going to church, and doing things I enjoyed, I started to feel more myself again. Its easy to feel like you’re nothing and forget to care of yourself when you have others to care for. The important thing is to be as close to God as you can and to get time to yourself. Being a mom today has the pressure of being perfect. Always having healthy food cooked for your family at every meal, taking your kids to all their extra curricular activities, loving your husband and taking care of him, working out and staying in shape and keeping a clean and well run home.

                 It can get really bad, and its enough to make you feel really, really bad about yourself. You can make yourself feel really empty trying keep up with everything and forgetting yourself.

You cannot be successful and help others if you are sleep deprived, malnourished, or out of shape. Take care of yourself. Find a balance and don’t let go of what defines you.

             When you’re a mom, the only way to truly take care of your family and others is to take care of yourself first. When you’re spiritually weak and tired it affects your mental and physical health becomes tired and weak as well. God wants us to thrive, recently He spoke to me, He said “I don’t want you to just be surviving, I want you to live fully, happily, to thrive in love and in life. You’re my child and I love you and I want to give you the desires of your heart.”

              I hope you are able to pick yourself up and remember how wonderful God is and how He has planned an amazing life for you. Remember you’re more than just a mess cleaner, a care giver, and a mom with a belly pouch.

Much love,