Pokemon Alpha Sapphire


Welcome to the first post of my new Nerd Corner!

    I have continually been impressed by the new pokemon games, one of my favorite features is being able to transfer and use pokemon from other games. I remember being young and having a Gameboy color and playing Pokemon yellow. Its crazy how far the pokemon games have come!

         The only thing that is stupid is the fact that not all the pokemon can be found in every game. Now of course, there is the new poke bank which you can purchase with a yearly subscription free. So that fixes it, and you can start off games with super strong pokemon but catch new ones as well. You can really “Catch them all”

      I really enjoyed Alpha Sapphire and the fact that there was “Delta” episodes! I wish that all the games had them. I wish I knew more about the game before I played it though so I could do all the little cool things.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this slice of my new page!

Much love,