Baby ootd #1


Hello everyone!

This is my son Levi, I have decided to do outfits of the day by him as well as my own! There are so many people that worry about dressing their baby boys because all the cute stuff seems to be only for girls. So here are some outfits they make for baby boys that are super cute and not on the expensive side.

This outfit I actually got at my baby shower, and the once says “Little Stomper” and the jacket says “Listen to me Roar”. The brand is “Just one You” and made by Carters.

In Florida its too hot to wear full on jackets so when it rains I put this on him, its still a little big on him but it helps keep him warm and dry when its wet outside!

You can find it at Target and I think its somewhere in the $6-$8 range, I’m entirely sure. Im excited for him to grow into this more and be able to wear it better soon!

Much love,