Baby OOTD 2


Goodevening everyone! I think I want a name for you guys, maybe sunny friends? Or something else??

Today my little man met another baby for the first time,until today he has never met another baby. I thought that this outfit would be perfect for his little meeting. My friend has a baby girl and she is about 8 months. He is only 2 months but still a handsome dude.

He is wearing a onesie and a pair of shorts.

The shorts are red, and actually go with a superman onesie but they are the only ones that fit him right now. The onsie says “Available for playdates” and is by the Tackle Me company. Im not sure where you can find them, these were gifts to us for him.

He is such a ladies man, everyone today thought he was just the cutest thing he had ever seen. I loved this outfit on him and he is so cheeky sometimes so it fit him perfectly personality wise.

Much love,