Why I Write


You see,

I put the pen to the paper,

the words to songs,

because creating is easier than talking.


You see a quiet emotion,

but you don’t know me.

Not really,

my heart holds the love of the Creator.


My heart is a vast ocean with ideas spilling from ship to ship,

pens cannot sit still in my hands,

He created me to create.

Thats why I write.


A mute to most, but a singer to Him,

a writer to Him,

who are you to say Im not surrendered to Him?

My heart, though locked from you,

is an open canvas to the Father,

He gives me vision and wisdom.


Though spiritually Im a deliverance,

speaking is not my tool of choice,

but give me paper and Ill spin words.

He is THE Creator, THE Artist, The Author,

so when you ask me why I write,

why I don’t speak,

I write because He created me to create.