Be Our Guest Party Entertainment- Orlando


         Disney has always been one of my favorite places and I have grown up loving Disney films. I think most children do love them, and with Disney comes the “magic”. Some of that magic can be created by costumes and birthday parties! I got together with a young woman who does that exact thing. She went to the same college as me and has such a passion for children! I recommend her to anyone who really wants their children to feel loved and happy on their special day!

Q: What got you started with :Be Our Guest Party Entertainment”?

A: “I never outgrew the infatuation with Disney, and in Senior year of high school my mom brought the idea to my attention and I loved it! I always wanted to be a performer for Disney but they are very nitpicky, so I found party gigs and it exposed me to something I really enjoyed.Its really turned out to be a dream job for me.”

Q: Has Disney always been a part of your life?

A: “Yes, I grew up watching the movies and my mom read the stories to me at bed time. I’ve always wanted to be a part of that.”

Q: What do you do and what services do you offer?

A: “We provide services for birthday parties and different events based on the characters you want and how many you need. All cast members stay in character the whole time, they are known personally by me. They all do face painting, singing, playing games, and story times. Its a way for parents to relax and not worry about the kids having fun or having to plan a ton of games. For events, its a little different, we base it off of what they need, whereas for parties there is a schedule set up.”

Q: Whats your favorite part about the job?

A: “Seeing the kids for sure. You can never predict how a child is going to react to a character. Sometimes you’ll have kids run to you and other times, kids will run away, even with the encouragement of their parents. Its amazing to me how a character can open a child up!”

Q: What is your goal in all of this?

A: “For every party the goal is,

Have God shine through us to the kids.

we can’t and don’t preach tot he kids but, we are kind, loving and attentive to them. We want to be a light to them, even if its just for an hour or two. Once, we were hired by a church. We brought a message and on another occasion there was a charity event for a girl with several open heart surgeries and we prayed for her at the end. We have even been able to talk to a girl across the country who had cancer. We just really enjoy bringing joy to the kids, encouraging them and loving on them.”

Q: What characters do you currently have and can we expect more in the future?

A: “Currently, we have the Frozen cast; Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf, Snow White, the First princess, Ariel, Belle, Tinker Bell, Cinderella, Captain America, Aurora, Peter Pan, Alice and the mad hatter are coming. We can’t use those names of course, because of Disney rights but we want to incorporate more boy characters.”

I loved interviewing Yami, she has beautiful tan skin with cute freckles sparkling across her face, and a great fashion sense. Her heart is very sweet, loving and bright! She does Disneybounding and loves anything to do with Disney.

Here are links to their web site and Facebook page:

I hope you’ll take the time to look at their web page and give them a call for an event or party! I know I would love to do something like this for my son once he is old enough to know what Disney is.

Much love,