Beer with Jesus


               Before some of you start shouting about “click-bait” and others about “Those things don’t go together” let me clarify a few things. I promise the title is not for clicks, it is genuinely related to my post and the main topic of my post. For those of you saying that those things dont go together, Jesus drank wine in the Bible and, in a few books of the Bible it is explained that wine does have certain good properties.

          On my way to take my husband to work, I heard a song come on the radio, I’ve been in a country music kick as of late. The line that caught my attention on this particular country song was “If I had a beer with Jesus”. The song was about the things the singer would ask Jesus and tell Him about themselves. I found it so profound because ti seems that country singers have such a good grasp o the friendship we have with Jesus.

         When you think about having a beer, coffee, or tea with someone it usually means getting to know them, or talking with a friend about life. When we think of friends we think about people with whom we can have honest and deep conversations with. I think we tend to forget that its the same with Jesus. I know I catch myself trying to have a certain eloquence in my speech when I talk to Him rather than just talking normally, like I would with my friends.

          Its important for us to remember that God doesn’t require specific speech from us when we are having a conversation with him. We can yell at Him, whisper to Him, talk in contentment, joy and sorrow with Him. He loves us and desires our hearts in their truest and honest forms. We dont have to fulfill some kind of regiment to be His friend. He is our listening friend through everything and anything. If I could have coffee with Jesus, I would definitely be in awe, but I would so love to unload my mind unto Him.

       This is one of the reasons prayer is so important, it is a way for us to talk to Him about everything. Its easy to forget that He just wants to sit with us and hear us talk about things, even if they dont seem so important. God is never too busy to listen and love on us. We have to stop treating Him like some foreign neighbor, we have a way to know Him. This week try talking to Him as you would talk to a friend and I promise prayer will feel different and your soul will feel lighter and better.

Much love,