In a circle around me, you gather,

I don’t know if you’ll understand what I say,

I only hope it’s a glimpse of who I am.


On my right, standing tall with strong shoulders,

I would do anything for you,

Beg for God to take me in your place,

Shield you from an arrow,

Give you the biggest piece of bread.


You are there, in every moment,

And how God blessed me with you Ill never know.

You protect, love, care, and hold me.

You speak when I cannot, you carry me when I cant walk.

In even the hardest moments you only think of not letting me down.


Youre a part of me, always to be beside me,

Hand in hand, and ready for anything.

If only I could show you the gentleness, wildness, and deepness of my heart,

You would see oceans of love and tenderness.


To my left, the smallest one.

The one who is part of me, I cannot bear any ill thought,

Any harm, even a scratch makes me cry for you,

Even when you do not.

You are a blessing, God gave me you when it seemed impossible.


You don’t know it now, but I hope one day you will,

I would move mountains, walk across deserts and protect you at all cost!

You are my little cub, my little miracle,

And everything in me wants you to know how loved you are.

You are loved more than what I alone can give you,

You are loved by another who is in heaven, who is stronger than me,

Who is wiser and knows you inside and out,

Still, I will try to show you my love in any bead of greatness that I can.


I will not ever let you experience hunger,

Every last piece of what I have will be yours,

I will always try to make sure you never feel abandoned or unloved by us,

Im not perfect but know I will always try for you.

I am only a part of your story and you have many chapters left,

But I hope the ones Im in are filled with sunshine and happiness.


In front of me, not one but two stand,

Not holding hands and not standing close,

But to me, I will always appreciate the lessons I learned when those hands were touching.

I will always love you,

Despite your flaws, despite the hurts we’ve caused one another,

You may not really know who I am and whats in my heart,

But I know you know enough to say what I would do,

Keep in mind, I notice the wrinkles, I notice the colors changing,

I know time is not slowing down for anyone,

And so I hope, Ill get more chances to be with you.


I notice the frailness and the tiredness in your eyes,

Years of working and toiling, your skin has darkened,

And yours has paled.

All that work you did, so we would have food to eat, a home to live in, and a way to have an education, I will not forget.

I may not speak often, but when I do, even with careful words you know I love you,

I hope youre proud of me, even when Ive made mistakes,

I hope you see how hard I work, for the future and everyone around me,

I hope you see the integrity, earnestness, and ambition you tried to instill in me.


Next to the two, on the right stands a tall, thin person,

You are part of my blood, and I love you,

I cannot think that you wont be around one day,

You were there to annoy me when we were young but now,

You make me laugh and you care about my son,

I am so proud of you, and even when you don’t think it,

You have accomplished a lot, you are finding yourself and that’s okay.


I do not judge you, and Im thankful that you do not judge me,

Though years of separating myself from everyone gives you the right to do so.

I do not think less of you when you fail or mess up,

You can always get up, try again or change direction,

And when you do, Ill be there to support you in any way I can,

Big, small, emotionally, physically, or mentally.


Turning back to the left of the two, theres a tan skinny one,

Youre gorgeous and though its unfair to me,

I am glad you are part of my blood too.

We don’t have a strong connection but I love you all the same,

I may not know what makes you laugh or what youre passionate about

But Im willing to listen and to know,

You are growing more statured and strong every day,

You are so gifted and Im so proud of where youre taking those gifts.


Do not shy away from challenges, use this new adventure to grow,

Use this new season to make mistakes, to take risks, to be who you are,

Do not let the world define you, do not let others tell you that your art isn’t good enough,

Lord knows the world loves to see the artists suffer so they can gain from them,

I am proud of you, and youre still young with many things left to see,

Im praying you get to see them and you get to know all the good things in life.

You deserve everything the world has to offer you,

And when it seems only the bad things are being put on your plate,

Just hold your head up and know something good is around the corner.


This circle is broken and the line isn’t straight, it sometimes looks more like a flubber,

But it is who we are and this is how I feel.