We have to concisouly study how to be tender with each other until it becomes a habit.- Audre Lorde

Often times I have been told that I am a gentle person, and while I never feel like that is true, many others must. Now that I have a baby, I understand gentleness even more and why it is so important. Gentleness is not just for my baby though; we must extend gentleness to everyone around us.

In Galations, we are told that gentleness is a fruit of the Spirit, meaning it is a part of the personality of God. Jesus was so gentle with children and with the people who had open ears to hear his words. In Matthew 12: 18-21 we are eminded of the words in Isaiah about Jesus.

Here is my servant whom I have chosen, the one I love, in whom I delight; I will put my spirit on Him, and He will proclaim justice to the nations. He will not quarrel or cry out; no one will hear His voice in the streets. A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out, till He has brought justice through to victory. In His name the nations will put their hope

Even when Jesus called out others and got firm with them He was gentle, I think in our culture gentleness is something we don’t understand. We have this idea that we always have to be in charge and be strong, and not let anyone see that we care. I know that I am a part of this, I don’t like to let people see my emotions. However, I have found that in my moments of gentleness with others I have grown and they have grown. Gentleness is such a wonderful trait to have, and I used to push it away because I felt like being gentle meant I wasn’t strong. I was totally wrong though, it takes strength to be gentle.

The soft overcomes the hard; the gentle overcomes the rigid. Everyone knows this is true, but few can put it into practice. –Lao Tzu

The word gentle means being calm and being patient with others, being a mom I have learned more about gentleness and patience than ever before in my life. With a baby, you have to be gentle physically and with the way you speak to them. They have to learn to trust you and know that you love them. Gentleness is the way to do that, I have to be patient with my son because he can’t communicate in words to me what he needs. Jesus is like this with us everyday!

So often I am scared that He won’t love me or He will leave me because of how stubborn and ditzy I am. Thats not His nature thankfully, everyday He calls out to me, “I love you” He loves me through all my junk. He is gentle with me when I am not the best person or child. He treats me the way I treat Levi, I am His child and so He is gentle with me when I mess up or when I am down.

Jesus was gentle with the prostitutes tax collectors, and the people no one else would touch or talk to. He is still that way now! Gentleness is something that is important in the life of a God lover and sometimes it takes intentionality to work on it.

I hope that this encourages you if you’re someone who has been told that you’re gentle and if you’re not, I hope that this helps to show you the importance of it.

Much love,