Growth Reflection


Remember that children, marriages and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get. -H. Jackson Brown

Growing up I was always called “Hippie” and then in college I had some friends call me “Earth Girl”. I love flowers and tie dye, being outside, running around and singing at the top of my lungs. I’ve always been a bit of a free spirit, and I’ve always loved being encouraging to the people around me.

I love this quote because its so true, as someone who has loved gardens, the days I went out and tended to the garden the better it looked the rest of the week. When I didn’t take the time to prune it and look at everything, it got a little out of control. When kids are taken care of they are happy and loving. When two people are attentive and caring to one another a marriage thrives.

When we take the time to take care of the things in our lives they will look beautiful and thrive. Marriage is something in our culture I find that is not super intimate or sacred, and so it often goes down the drain. Marriage just isn’t a big deal in our culture, in TimeMagazine Blog, they suggest that most of our culture doesn’t see marriage as important. Therefore, when someone who has this mindset is married, they don’t realize the work it takes to keep the marriage going. Marriage isn’t easy, its definitely more work than it seems. However, marriage, when its taken care of is so beautiful and lasts.

Children are a hot topic too, many people think children of this generation need a good spanking and stern talking to. I happen to agree but thats beside the point. We ask the question, “Why are children now more likely to disobey their parents and have emotional issues through their lives?” Well, the answer seems simple to me, everything a child knows, starts with their parents. If you sit your child in front of a tv for several hours because you, “don’t have the time” or “don’t know how to deal with them” or my favorite, “I don’t wanna deal with this right now” it teaches them that they don’t matter. Sitting your child in front of the tv without interacting with them is a form of neglect, you see it all over the US.

Children want to know they are loved, valued, and needed. If you’re a parent who doesn’t care what your child does, more than likely they will end up as some sort of statistic. Granted, there are exceptions to every statement, such as this one, the majority of them fall into the categories. Children who are loved well, tended to, disciplined well, and encouraged are the ones who thrive emotional and mentally. While life won’t be perfect in any situation, loving your child and showing interest int heir life, and encouraging them will make them grow and help them towards their goals.

“Good things take time” a cliche, but one that is so true. For my husband and I, we courted for a few months before dating, we dated for three years before getting married, once we were engaged we took a year to plan. Having so much time, helped us learn about one another, and helped us to understand and value one another more. That time, helped us to grow, individually and together.

Examine what you’re tolerating in your life, and see if there’s anything you need to cut out, or something you need to be more intentional about. If its a friendship, intentionally set up time to hang out with that friend. Get some coffee, have a sleep over, text them throughout the week. If its your kid, set days aside where you do fun things with them that they will enjoy as well. If its your spouse, have dinner together, watch a movie together, play some board games. Do things that will bring you closer.

Much love,