History of Halloween


            Halloween has become a normal holiday for the U.S. and its all about dressing up and going around the block to get candy. However, this is not how it started and it can be a confusing thing for Christians when it comes to celebrating it or not.

This holiday was said to be originated with a festival of Sahaim by the Celtics, people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. They thought that the wall between the dead and living was blurred and it would be easy for them to come back. When “All Hallows Eve” came around it was supposed to be the darkest and coldest season of the year. They would dress up and tell each other fortunes.

Then the Romans used it as a day to commemorate the dead and then the second day the goddess of fruit and trees was honored. This is also where “bobbing” for apples came from, and the women would throw the apple peels behind their backs to see if they could make the initials of their future husband appear. It was later believed that the people who brought cakes with raisins to the priests they would pray for anyone whose soul was in purgatory so that they would move to heaven.

When Halloween developed in America it became a costume party where kids went trick or treating. Christians struggle with the idea of what to think about Halloween and its not a black or white answer. While the over all theme does glamorize and praise the macabre and evil, the acts are not. its one of those things where you have to make your own judgement on. Before I was a Christian it was easy, Halloween was just a time to hang out with my friends, get some candy and watch some scary movies.

When I gave my life to God, my ideas and thoughts about Halloween started to change. Im still not entirely sure where I land on it. The history of Halloween present the things we shouldn’t praise and glamorize whereas now, they have baby costumes that are pumpkins and bunnies.

What do you think? Where do you land and why?

Much love,