The Love of Jesus

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February is the month of “love” due to the whimsically named “Valentines Day” after St. Valentine. Its a time where every company is making billions of dollars by marketing “things” as the only true way to tell people you love them. Before I knew Christ I got very sucked into this belief that if a guy gave me a valentine card or something that meant he was really into me.

Now, as a Christ lover, my worth doesn’t come from men. I am married so that helps but I don’t expect my husband to buy anything for me.My confidence that my husband loves me comes from how he treats me. My confidence that God loves me comes from His sacrifice.

We are going through a rough, worrisome, and possible dangerous time in the history of the united states. Trump is opening a floodgate that was only trickling before he got into office. Now, I don’t care if you’re a supporter or not, the fact is, Jesus died for that overly tan man just like He died for you and I. The love of Jesus, is a love rooted deeper than any other love. Its stable, faithful, full of grace, and totally unconditional; thats right, I said unconditional.

There’s this fear of Christianity and the God of the Bible because of all the “rules”, which are in all honesty just good morals to live by anyway. There shouldn’t be fear or dislike of the God of the Bible because, He offers us something greater than chocolates and red roses. He offers us spring days, music, salvation, family, redemption, and a place next to Him for eternity. Trump claims to be a Christian but you can always tell who truly is by their actions, and by their words.

Don’t let what is going on right now discourage you because in the end, the love of Jesus will always, always be there. Its up to us to either accept it or reject it, God won’t force you to choose. So, in the midst of all your card buying, spouse loving, yelling at Trump through the tv’ing; remember there is a God in heaven, who loves you so much, He sent His One and only son to take the scars of sin and shame off of your body and clothe Himself in them.

The good news is, because they are forever on His skin, you no longer, ever, ever, have to wear them again. That pain, that sorrow, it doesn’t matter anymore because the love of God covers all that trash and makes us new….daily.

Much love,