Top Ten Favorite movies

  1. The Princess Bride Directed by: Rob Reiner

I love, love, love this movie!!! Its fairly old so the CGI isn’t great but I still love it, the story is amazing! Its the perfect amount of adventure, love, and politics! I haven’t read the book yet but I really want to!

2. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Directed by: Ben Stiller


This movie has a wonderful storyline but the cinematics are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I also love the soundtrack, the music in the movie is great! I was nervous about it at first because a lot of Indie films just end up being weird but this one was perfect.

3. Brave by: Disney


I dye my hair red, I am Norwegian, and I have intensely curly hair! When I first saw the min character, Merida, I was super excited for this movie! I know they are Scottish but, Scandinavian all the same. Its a beautiful story about a mother and daughter relationship. There aren’t many of these, most of them are about fathers and their children.

4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Directed by: Chris Columbus


Of course this is a classic! I love the books and I love this movie, I like all the movies but this one is my favorite out of all of them! It is the beginning, where the magic started and the brightest of all the films!!!

5. August Rush Directed by: Kirsten Shendon


This movie is for anyone who loves music! I love it because of the music, its about creative souls and their emotions! I connect so much with it!

6. Coraline Directed by: Henry Selick


I haven’t read this book but I really want to, my mom said it was kind of a creepy story but I love the movie! It is a little creepy but creative and cute at the same time!

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas Directed by: Henry Selick


Since I was in elementary school, this movie has been one of my favorites! I love Tim Burton and I love the story about how dark things can be bright.

8. The Princess and the Frog by Disney


I love this Disney film, Im not fond of a lot of the new Disney films but this one is amazing! I love the music and I love the story.

9. Water for Elephants Directed by: Francis Lawerence


This movie was so good, even my husband loved it! it is somewhat sad but also very interesting. It is also a book, and yet again, I still need to read it!

10. Anastasia Directed by: Don Bluth and Gary Goldmos


This is one of my favorite not Disney, Disney-like films! The story is amazing and the way it is carried out is wonderful!

Whats your favorite movie?

Much love,