What is my name?


       Recently Ive been thinking about names and what they mean, about my name and why I have it.

From birth we are given a name, our name is part of us, it names who we are. That name is what we will be known as for the rest of our lives. Names are important, its what separates me from a woman named Sydney, a Nicole, or another Monica. Names are given to us for a reason. In America names have recently have kind of lost their meaning and now kids get names that sound cool or that are not normal.

My name is Monica, it means advisor or counselor and my middle name is Nicole. The name Nicole means victory of the people, I’ve found that in my life the meaning of my name does play a part in my personality. One of my strengths is empathy and resolution, this means I feel what the person feels and I understand them and I want to help them solve their problems.

In scripture we see time after time that names mean something and that sometimes people are renamed by God for what they have done or are going to do. People like Paul, known as Saul.  Names are so important that God has fifty different names. He is too great for just one name, His glory is so magnificent He needs fifty different names to be described.  The universe is made out of names, everything in the world has name, even the things we can’t describe or find the words for.

My kids each have a reason for their names, Levi is another name for Matthew which is my husbands name. My daughters name is Madison, we couldn’t agree on a name and we saw that name on a sign and we agreed that it was a beautiful name. my name is not common and for a long time I hated my name, I hated that is was so different. I have grown to like my name and realize that my name is important.

God has a name for all of us, whether or not we know it, He has a special name for us and we all have a name for Him that means something to us. To me, He is Warrior, father, Protector, and Love. He once called me Life, my name to Him was Life, lately Ive been praying and wondering if it has changed. Like Sarai changed to Sarah and Simon to Peter.  What is your name? Do you know Gods name in your life?  What does He call you?

God has a name for you and sometimes if you listen carefully you can hear it, and know what it means and why you have it.

Much love,