Wisdom and Dreams


On our way home from dropping my husband off at work Levi woke up so I had to stop by Starbucks to get coffee and small breakfast things because he never goes back to sleep once he’s awake. Today I wanted to listen to NPR, we usually listen to a sermon or Disney music. The segment was about wisdom and dreams, at what age do we become wise? What age do dreams matter?

One quote in particular caught my attention, “For something to become a reality you first have to dream for it”. I know this is meant for world things and events but in that moment I was thinking about my books, I am in the middle of writing three books and something always stops me. The thought of it won’t be good enough or that there are so many stories already. I made a decision to just write them and starting today trying to get at least a few pages done every day. One of my dreams is to get a book published.

Sometimes I think that dreams can seem scary and out of reach but I think its because we try to take everything in one grasp instead of one thing at a time. Its interesting to watch kid shows with my son because I am reminded of all the simple lessons we learn growing up that somehow, we end up forgetting as we age. For example, PJ Mask is one of my sons favorite shows! I am so worn out on this show but he enjoys it so we watch it, over, and over, and over.

In one episode, theres a situation where one character has to focus on one thing at a time and fails about three times until finally they realize they must stop and do one thing at a time. As an adult, I do find myself focusing on the big picture rather than each step and the smaller details. Dreams can start out big, but there are always small steps you must take so that the big picture can be completed.

Its amazing the wisdom some kid shows can present that somehow we forget, which presents the question of when does wisdom really begin? There are so many things that adults do that are not wise. On there other hand, kids can sometimes show that they have deep, complex and wise thoughts and ideas. Kids also have this notion that anything is possible and they aren’t afraid of just doing things.

If you’re waiting for a time to follow your dreams, they won’t ever happen. Do not wait for something to come along and make your dreams happen. You must take the small steps to get your big dream to become a reality. Don’t forget to start simple and plan out all your steps or don’t plan and take hold of opportunities that come your way.

Much love,